messy group shots | Cumbria family photography

This was such a happy celebration of Chris and Chris’s (yes 2 Chris’s)! 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary. Full of messy group shots, lots of laughter and an abundance of love! They were a joy to spend 2 hours with and I feel lucky to have had the chance to be there and witness it all. Having a photographer there was a gift from their children, as I have said before such a great gift idea. They booked a holiday home for the week in the lake District and I met them there, some relatives arriving from as far away as Seattle. I shot a mixture of formal and informal, letting things happen naturally when needed and looking out for moments that help tell the story - also being lead by the smallest members of the family! The icing on the cake was looking through their wedding album at the end of the shoot, I love old albums, the change in style, beautiful film photos and you feel like you know someone a bit better after seeing a bit of their history. I hope that these will make it into an album and be another part of their history.

I couldn’t have managed such a busy shoot without the help of my fabulous daughter and assistant Ava, she loads my film and generally keeps me right! If you would like to book a shoot please contact me here. To see more of my family work please look here. Some of my favourites from the day…