Georgia & Julie | Scottish Highlands wedding

Apologies in advance for the amount of photos in this post! Georgia and Julie got married in the beautiful highlands of Scotland in an old church (no longer a working church), in the sweet village of Nigg. Family and friends gathered from all over the world and were treated to a delightful ceremony and proper Scottish knees up! It was a wedding filled with so much love and laughter from beginning to end. Georgia and Julie had put so much into the wedding doing everything from the decorating to the cooking themselves with the help of wonderful family and friends. I think you can tell that kind of wedding because everyone cares so much and feel so involved, it is a real joyous event.

The ceremony was amazing; musician Edwina Hayes agreed to come and play, she is someone Georgia and Julie have followed over the years and even played a part in Georgias proposal to Julie, so to have her there was a dream come true! Georgia also sang her vows to Julie, that was a really beautiful moment, she has a very lovely voice! They had a warming of the rings where each guest hold the rings and give their blessings to the couple, also hand fasting and candle lighting, a truly personal, emotional and unique ceremony!

We had trouble deciding where the group shot would be as there wasn’t any high up windows or steep big hills so as everyone was leaving church I saw the opportunity to gather everyone around Georgia and Julie’s getaway car! It turned out to be one of my favourite big group photos ever!

Coming towards the end of the night - or so I thought - in true Scottish style the party really got going, with everyone linked arm in arm singing and dancing together, it really was the best atmosphere. An amazing couple who have fabulous family and friends, this really was a true celebration of love and I feel lucky to have been there to capture it all. Congratulation Georgia and Julie!