Becky Rui | personal branding photography | Brighton

It is my third time shooting Becky's personal branding photos and each time it is so different and I can really see the change in her and feel lucky to be able to document it. This time it was in Brighton, Becky's new home. The weather was far from what we hoped, wet and windy as apposed to the desirable bright and sunny, but although it was tricky at the time managing the lower light I love what we created and as is often the case when you have awkward situations you are forced to be more creative and often end up with something even more special. Becky is always so good to work with and has a clear idea of how she wants to use the photos being the Queen of branding photography herself, (Becky's website), it definitely feels more like a collaboration. 

Becky is an inspiring and creative business woman and I feel extremely lucky to have had the chance to make these with her. If you would like your own branding shoot for yourself and your business Id love to hear from you. You can contact me here and see more of my work here