family portrait pricing

Family sessions are something I love doing, having children of my own and seeing them growing up so fast and changing what seems like everyday I know the importance of taking photos to remember these days. I really enjoy the company of children, if I wasn't a photographer I would be working with children in some way, I have spent quite a lot of time in schools over the years. I want everyone to have a good time, a family photo session can feel like hard work at times for the parents, I'll be honest, but it won't for the children, I will always include them from the start and take the photos they think will look good - they often have the best ideas!. Another fact is the dads are often the most reluctant but end up getting into it the most! If you would like to see some family sessions you can see them here.


"it's not how big the house is, it's how happy the home is"


For a full family portrait session I recommend starting at your home then leading on to somewhere outside such as a park, walk or a special place that's close to your heart. I like the session to feel relaxed and fun and I'll make sure you all feel at ease. To chat more in depth about what to expect from your session please contact me here.

For me it's all about those unique moments in everyday life - your home life, personalities and relationships as they are in that time, and that you'll want to recall in years to come. I find with my own children just how quickly time passes and I want to conjure up the memories of our history as a family through photos that can be treasured. And of course to give you some pretty photos to hang on your walls! I offer a printing service as well.

full session

1.5 - 2 hours


digital copies of your images

online gallery

 1 x 10" x 8" print

20 3" x 4" boxed proofs


"be yourself, everyone else is already taken"

Oscar Wilde

Mini sessions are great if you just want a quick update of your family photos. We can do these at home or a special location. This session would also make a lovely gift for someone special or as photo gifts to send out for birthdays and Christmas.

mini session

30 - 45 mins


digital copies of your images

online gallery

1 10" x 8" print



I would love to hear from you and tell your story....


Day in the life session

from morning 'til night


digital copies of your images

online gallery

30 page art book

This is the ultimate record for your family. I catch everything; waking up faces, wheetos scattering at breakfast time, reading books, drinking coffee, children who have dressed themselves in appropriately for the weather, a walk to the park, a favourite cafe stop, a junk shop rummage; basically whatever you like doing as a family I will make a story out of it. At the end of it all you will have a beautiful album to keep forever.