branding and commercial photography

Branding for your business can really help you identify who you are and who you are trying to reach. Some professional photos on your website or social media can really make people stop and look at what you are trying to offer and take you seriously. I really enjoy these shoots because as a small business owner myself I know how hard it is to set one up and I love being part of helping someone on that journey. Equally it is just as fun  updating an all ready successful business and getting to see how they have grown. Please get in touch if you would like your own branding shoot, you can see my pricing here and  contact me here.

Wild Moor Alchemy |Cumbria

Anna is a wonderful flower essence practitioner who also makes her own bespoke essences.

The Girl That Gardens | Cumbria

Alice is a very talented floral designer who has sustainability high on her priorities. She calls her style ‘romantic hedgerow’.

Becky is a branding photographer and mentor. She regularly comes to me to update her own branding photographs as she knows the importance of walking the talk!

Charlotte is starting a new food and art blog. She decided to get some professional photos done to get her kickstarted. Beautiful images of yourself are a great way to give your blog an identity.

Rose and Tamara needed some photographs for their new healthy eating website. I spent the weekend with them so we could take a range of photographs including them cooking, shopping and some portraits in their local area. I ate well that weekend!

My husband recently renovated a shop in Penrith, Cumbria and it quickly attracted the attention of a Barber looking for a premise as it was just his kind of style. I took some photographs for both parties to use in future online promotions.

Downey's fish and chip restaurant were opening a second venue and wanted some photographs for their website. I spent the morning with models, real customers and staff. On receiving the photos they changed the whole look to incorporate the images as they could see how important they were for the identity of the website.

Dovetail Woodwork | Northumberland

Jake from Dovetail wanted some photographs of a house he had spent a lot of time on. Every room in the house had benefited from his craftsmanship. Seeing your work in photographs can really consolidate in your mind what you have achieved. It also gives you a way to communicate to potential clients what you can offer them.

Stella was branching out on her new business and needed some photographs for her website. We talked a lot (over Skype as she is based in London), about what she wanted the images to communicate and made a storyboard for the day. We had several locations and changes of outfits for different pages on her website, in the end it told a good story about Stella.

Pippa is a garden designer who approached me to do some seasonal photos of a garden she was working on. I went in the Spring and the Summer to capture it's beauty during both seasons. It is an ongoing project to build a portfolio for her website.

Country Fest | Cumbria

Set on the edge of the Lake District, Country Fest is a great family day out with lots of craft, food, agriculture, kite shows and much more. I was lucky enough to have a photography stall there and was asked to take some photos to capture the atmosphere of the Vintage Revival tent for further promotions.

Craftevan | Cumbria

Craftevan is a wonderful, portable space created by the very talented Julie, she is pictured here with the equally talented Kim. Julie takes her van to various festivals around the country to sell her homemade nostalgic travel inspired goods! I really loved the whole vibe so I took these photos because I just couldn't not!