Mother and Son

Maria and Will | Mother and Son

Maria and Will are the third "Mother and Son' to take part in my project. Maria is my sister-in-law and was particularly happy to have these photos taken at this time, she had just spent a particularly special time with Will. As our children grow up we inevitably spend less time with them as they make their way in the world. Will was in-between jobs and moving back to the UK after living abroad for a few years so they had spent a few weeks just hanging out together at home and on holiday to India, so quite a unique time for them. This photoshoot was at the end of their time together and I could really feel how much it had meant to them both. They decided that cooking was a good activity for me to photograph as Maria is an amazing cook and loves to make delicious food for everyone, Will said much of their day was revolved around food and cooking together. I think in these photos you can see the closeness between them and that a lot of laughing goes on. I think my favourite photo is just after Maria has got tearful talking about their time together and Will starts fixing her eye make-up. They both look after each other.