Mother and Son

Mother and Son | Sarah and Edward

Sharing another ‘Mother and Son’ session. It is a personal project I have been working on for a couple of years. Spending time with mothers and their sons, looking at the relationship they have, is it different to that with a daughter, I’m not sure. What I have noticed so far is that mostly they have wanted to engage in an activity, usually outdoors, sometimes with the use of any available sticks or poles, they also like the mums to join in!

I met up with Sarah and Edward and we had no plan, having photos taken wasn’t on Edwards plan, it is never really on any 7 year olds plan, I’m used to that! We decided it was just best to see what Edward wanted to do which was paddle in shoes and play with sticks, Sarah joined in and I was able to capture them spending time together quite naturally. There are a lot of physical photos, in the form of play fighting, hugging or carrying which demonstrates their closeness. I was really happy with these photos as Sarah is such a positive person full of light and good energy and I think that comes across, Edward is inquisitive, full of fun and mischief and I think that shows too. If you are interested in a ‘Mother and Son’ session and being part of my project I’d love to hear from you, you can contact me here. Enjoy!