Pevensey | houses with personality

My husbands family live on the south East coast of the UK. Close to where they live is a coastal village called Pevensey. It is a village with a lot of history going back 16 centuries, centring a lot around Pevensey Castle. When I first visited it was the houses that interested me, all so different and unique. I am not often just drawn to buildings but these seemed all to have such a personality of their own. I would like to look into the history and see how it has changed over the years and got to where it is now. I never really saw anybody around the houses so they just stood out by themselves. I first photographed them in beautiful light last autumn but made the mistake of using a new to me old camera that I hadn’t tested and every roll came back blank. I was pretty sad about this. I then had another chance to go back this Easter and spent a very enjoyable 2 hours taking photos. Not the perfect light this time but it was ok. There is loads more I want to take that are not on the beach front. Hopefully I will get to go back again soon.