Fellfoot Park, Windermere | family photography Cumbria

I was really happy when Ginny contacted me for a family shoot. For one she is a fabulous family photographer so that is such an honour, two - she wanted it to be in the Lake District which is always a pleasure and three - she has 2 gorgeous children, win, win, win! The day we met it was a  cold December morning, I was over the moon to be greeted with a very warm welcome from everyone but most of all from her very cheerful and sociable daughter. We ran around taking some photos then retreated to the nearby cafe to warm up before heading out again to do a few more. The wee one did so well and we got some lovely smiles from him, everyone was clearly so much in love with this newest member of the family. 

The weather was quite dull to start with but the sun did poke through towards the end, I think the photos look vibrant and colourful which I put down to the fact I use film, it always surprises me with its beautiful colours. If you would like a family shoot I'd love to hear from you, you can contact me here. More of my family work can be found here.