Reuben and Polly | A French Alps Wedding

Where to start?! This was such a special wedding for me to be part of for quite a number of reasons. I first met Reuben and Polly in December 2015, they were visiting the UK from Israel and booked an 'In Love' session, we hit it off straight away and spent a wonderful day taking photos and getting to know each other, you can see the session here. Reuben and Polly met at a wedding, Reuben was the photographer (Eight Bells Weddings), and Polly (Studio Polly), the videographer. It is always an extra compliment when other photographers ask you to take photographs of them, so when several months later they asked me to come to Morzine in the French Alps to capture their wedding day I was completely over-the-moon x 1000! It was also decided that my daughter Ava would assist me at the wedding, the excitment level was pretty high :-)

Meanwhile Reuben and Polly had fallen in love with Morzine which resulted in them moving there 2 weeks before the wedding! It was such a lot to organise on top of wedding planning for themselves, shooting weddings in Israel right up until the last minute and then moving, but you wouldn't have noticed as they were both so calm and happy when we arrived on the Friday night. Polly is also a yoga teacher (Polly Shaul), which I'm sure helped! After finding a very well designed itinerary and chocolates in our hotel room they immediately came and whisked us off to the most beautiful lake and introduced us to their friends, we were made to feel so welcome and part of the celebrations immediately. The next day was followed by a trip to the mountains, it was just an amazing feat that they got so many of their friends from all over the world up this mountain the day before their wedding, (in sky lifts, not on foot)! We then rounded off the afternoon lolling by the lakeside, bliss! Ava and I were taken to all these places by videograpger Uri (Uri and Tamar),and his lovely family, I'm really excited to see the wedding video as I know it will be brilliant! 

The day itself arrived and it was just beautiful and full to the brim of love. Everyone involved was just so happy to be there and celebrate with Reuben and Polly. They had 50 guests from various parts of the world there to celebrate with them. The flowers were absolutely stunning by British creative floral designer Sonya (Sonya | Floral Designer), who lives and works in nearby Chamonix, the bright colours matched Polly perfectly. Polly's dress was so cool, if I had to pick a dress, that would be it! After a relaxed morning getting ready and an exciting first look we went up to the mountains to take photos before coming back for the ceremony. As with every great love story there was also drama - just as they were about to walk down the isle a storm had speedily rolled in over the mountains and then the sky fell down which made for a very dramatic outdoor ceremony, something you couldn't plan but was absolutely awesome. The added drama and romance just seemed to fit perfectly and it is also good luck in France if it rains on your wedding day! Reuben and Polly both gave particularly thoughtful speeches about what marriage to each other means to them, as did some of their friends and family. Polly's cousin Eugine was a very charming celebrant, adding to this very personal wedding.

The Farmhouse where they married was a superb venue; beautiful inside and out with fantastic staff who looked after everyone so well and served the most delisious food! The cake was made in the Farmhouse by one of Polly's bridesmaids, it was both extremely pretty and equally tasty!! Another special part for me was that my close friends daughter Charlie just happened to be working in the Farmhouse that summer and that day! A huge and happy coincidence! She was also there the year before when while both working at a wedding Reuben proposed to Polly! 

The whole day was made very smooth for me by the help of my fabulous assistant, I was so proud and thank full for Ava who did such a great and professional job. As a film photographer the assistants job is extra important and I couldn't have asked for better. 

Also a huge thank you to Carmencita Film Lab who did a fantastic job on the film processing!

Reuben and Polly are wonderful people with many many lovely family and friends, thank you so much for letting us be part of your day, Ava and I will never forget it. Goodluck with your new life as husband and wife in Morzine Mr and Mrs Shaul, much love xx