Mother and Son | Cumbria Photographer

This is Jenny and Jake, another session from my 'Mother and Son' project. I have known Jenny from before we had children, Jake and Ava (my daughter), were born within a month of each other and have been firm friends ever since, just like Jenny and I. Jenny and Jake have a very close relationship, it has just been the two of them living together for most of Jakes life. Jenny has always thrown herself into all the things Jake has taken an interest in, even if it's not her idea of fun she will make it so it is. Jake has so much energy and and is a very creative, person, something Jenny has always supported and encouraged, being a similar character herself. They are both the most fun of any party and are more than happy to get up on stage and perform with one of their many talents. In fact Jenny has just started a drama group, details for that can be found here, if I lived in Devon I'd be there! Jake is awesome on the drums and performs regularly in a band.

What I love about this set is that although Jake is a teenager and at a time where your mum just being near you in public can feel embarrassing he is happy to have his mum watching him and even helps her try out some tricks on the slopes. My favourite photo is the last one, I think you can see Jenny's influence on Jake as his skateboard and her coat are both pretty colourful, which is how I would describe them both! 

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