Charlie and his people | Family photography in Cumbria

The beautiful and loved Charlie Pemberton in his new home, less than 2 weeks old. I photographed his brother Joshua at home at the same age. I love these photos as I think looking back on them will be so special. As an adult i find it so interesting to see what my house and parents were like when they were my age. I would love photos like these to look back on. 

On a personal note I am going to have our family photos done at home this year. I have been putting it off waiting until my house is 'done', already so much time has passed and it's not about that it's about us in our space, living together as a family,  whatever it looks like. Now to find a photographer! 

To see Charlie's birth photos look here. To see more of my newborn work look here. And finally to get in touch about a shoot please contact me here, Id love to hear from you. Hope you enjoy these photos, and that Charlie will in 30 years time.