The Family Field | Cumbria

Chloe contacted me about photographing her family as a gift for her mum. I may be a bit bias but I do think photos make a wonderful present as they are very personal, something you will never tire of and can be enjoyed by the whole family for years to come. 

Chloe decided the family field would be the perfect spot for the photos and she was right. The field which has stunning views has been part of the family farm for years and although they don't have a big farm anymore this is one of the fields they kept, it has also held host to a family wedding a couple of years before. Places with meaning make the photos even more special. They were such a lovely family to spend time with, I feel very lucky that I get to photograph so many great people.

If you are interested in a family shoot you contact me here and see more of my work here. Thank you for stopping by! 

All film developed and scanned by The Canadian Film Laboratory.